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Special occasions

-  Is it possible to organize my wedding, baptism, bachelor, birthday or anniversary party at Ideales Resort ?

It will be our pleasure to organise your wedding baptism, bachelor, birthday or anniversary party or any other happy occasion that you wish to celebrate with your guests at the amazing scenery of Ideales Resort.

Please contact us on [email protected]or on +30 210 61 48 410 or on +30 6972 804 188.


Wedding Planning

Have you decided to take the big step? Trust us to make your big day even more special. The magical space of Ideales Resort is ideal to accommodate your wedding party and to become the perfect background for the most amazing wedding pictures. Let us create unique memories that will accompany you for a lifetime. Just ask and we can wholly take care of the planning of your wedding so that you can enjoy your special day in Kefalonia without a care in the world. With close attention to detail and respect towards your needs, we can oversee everything from the decorations of the church and the party, to the dj, the invitations, the wedding favors, the photographer, the catering of the party and even the wedding cake. Everything you have ever dreamt of for your special day is possible at Ideales Resort. Contact us so we can discuss your wishes and make your dream wedding come true!

Baptism Planning

Let us turn the baptism of your little one into a one of a kind event. The dreamy space of Ideales Resort is an oasis that can accommodate you and your guests so you can celebrate that very special day for your family. Let us take care of everything, from the decorations of the party and the church, to the party favors and the catering of the baptism. We can also oversee the invitations, the planning of fun activities for your little guests and everything else you may have in mind. Contact us so we can organize a special baptism that you will never forget!


Party organisation (Bachelor, Birthday, Anniversary)

The most fun and unforgettable party of your life will be the one that we will organize for you at Ideales Resort. Whatever the occasion may be (bachelor party, birthday, and anniversary), rest assured that along with your guidelines, we will organize the celebration of your dreams, without even moving your finger... Starting from the decoration of the villa, the catering and cake, to the DJ or live music, photography and/or filming of your party. All you have to do is just enjoy and share with your guests wonderful time!

-  Is it possible to organize a business trip at Ideales Resort ?

The 12 villas of Ideales Resort are ideal to accommodate you and your colleagues during team building trips, motivational trips or company meetings. The comfortable spaces of Ideales Resort can be transformed according to your company’s requirements so that they fulfill your professional needs (business meetings, presentations etc) and at the same time, offer you and your co-workers unique moments of relaxation and pleasure. We can also organize team excursions and activities that will make your stay even more special. Call us so we can discuss your itinerary and your needs in order to plan together the perfect experience for you and your colleagues!