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Ideales Resort Green Practices

- When the Green Practices of Ideales Resort were established?

The Green Practices of Ideales Resort were established in 2005. For all of us, the environment is what is most important.  In our best efforts to protect it, we have invested and adopted policies of environmental responsibility.

Ideales Resort is dedicated to green practices and responsible Tourism that pay respect to the environment and lessen the environmental footprint. We also encourage our Guests to join us.

The management and staff  are all committed to ensuring our Guests make the most of their visit by enjoying their holidays, the physical beauties of Kefalonia and experiencing the local traditions and culture. All of us being aware of our obligations, we are dedicated to promoting responsible tourism.

- What are the credentials of Ideales Resort for its Green Practices?

Ideales Resort, member of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE), has already been repeatedly awarded for its Green Practices with the most important distinctions in Tourism.

Ideales Resort is one of the first hotels in Greece that are awarded in the Green Leaders Program by TripAdvisor, and one of the very few with such a high score and a Gold Distinction.

Ideales Resort is awarded with the Green Key  Eco-label Certificate which is the leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industryThis prestigious ecolabel represents a commitment by businesses that their premises adhere to the strict criteria set by the Foundation for Environmental Education.  A Green Key stands for the promise to its Guests that by opting to stay with the Green Key establishment, they are helping to make a difference on an environmental level.

Ideales Resort is awarded with a Gold Distinction in the Tourism Awards 2018 as an Eco-Friendly Hotel/Resort. In 2017 Ideales Resort was awarded with the Silver Distinction in the same category and in 2016 proudly received a Silver Distinction in the category "Initiatives for the environmental protection, awareness and monitoring the environmental indicators". Tourism Awards are organized for the 5th consecutive year in Greece. 

Ideales Resort is also awarded with the Gold distinction of Travelife for the implemented sustainable development practices after extensive and on the spot thorough check. Travelife is recognised as probably the most comprehensive and credible tool within the travel and tourism industry.

Ideales Resort is awarded with the Gold distinction as a Best Greek Green Resort and Silver distinctions as Best Greek Excellence in Service Hotel and Best Greek Villas and Holiday Homes in the Greek Hospitality Awards 2019. In 2018 Ideales Resort proudly received Silver Distinctions as a Best Greek Green Resort and as a Best Greek Excellence in Service Hotel. The Greek Hospitality Awards are organized for the 5th consecutive year in Greece. 

These important awards and our membership in - the most important site for eco tourism- clearly prove the commitment not only of Ideales Resort, but the overall contribution of Ideales Group to sustainable development to the People, the Environment and Society and are a true testament of our constant strive to create a better tomorrow... TODAY!

- How Power saving is effected in the villas of Ideales Resort?

All electrical appliances (except from the fridge) have power supply only when putting the card (attached to the villa key) in the special slot next to the main entrance of the villa. Upon leaving the villa all devices are turned off so as to save energy.
All appliances are chosen according to their Energy rating. All windows in the villas are double glazed for insulation reducing the consumption of cooling and heating. 
For lighting we only use LED light bulbs which are recycled after their use. At the main entrance of each villa there are motion detector lights. The air-conditioning system operates only when the main door and all the windows are closed.

- How Water saving is effected in the villas of Ideales Resort?

All villas have hot water by solar water heaters.
In all villas there are water pressure reducers and dual flush cisterns in all bathrooms.
As part of our Green Household, we change bed linen, towels and pool towels 2 times a week so as to reduce unnecessary laundry services and the consequent environmental impact (water waste, detergent and energy).
Our eco pool® (Piscines Ideales - the eco pool®) conforms to all hygiene and safety rules and regulations.   Our advanced systems and ecological products, which have replaced the technologies of the past, allow you to enjoy the pool, saving useful resources (i.e. water and energy).

The gardens of Ideales Resort have plants that are very resistant to weather conditions and thrive in the region of Kefalonia. They need little watering and provide natural shadow out of the villas. This rich planting in the large area of Ideales Resort with plants and trees that are in harmony with the natural landscape has also upgraded the surrounding area. Moreover, there is no lawn that requires huge amounts of water for its maintenance.

The rich gardens Ideales Resort with a variety of Greek vegetables herbs and fruits are maintained only by biological methods without any harmful chemicals for nature and people.

- What does Ideales Resort do for Recycling and Waste Reduction?

We urge our Guests to recycle the waste by using the specially placed bin in the kitchen for paper, glass, metal and plastic.  All waste generated by Ideales Resort is sorted to ensure much of what is thrown away is recycled. All light bulbs and batteries are also recycled. 
We use compost bins for organic waste. We also collect plastic lids and the purpose of this collective effort is not only to recycle and protect the planet, but also to offer to fellow human beings. 

To protect the environment and our guest’s health, we use only ecological cleaning products and detergents and their packaging is always recycled.

- Ideales Resort safeguarding children policy:

In Ideales Resort we have a commitment to respecting children's rights and a commitment to the protection of children from all forms of exploitation. We protect their rights and also protect them from any kind of abuse. At Ideales Resort we give our utmost importance to children’s wellbeing and therefore any kind of behaviour or action that can harm them physically or emotionally is not acceptable and can be addressed to the local authorities.

- Ideales Resort Local Community policy:

At Ideales Resort we are all respecting and treating our local community fairly, being sensitive to their needs, human rights and well-being. We support the local economy and safeguard and protect the local traditions. We strongly believe that the unique nature and local customs of Kefalonia should be maintained and celebrated and thus our Guests can have a unique and thorough holiday experience.