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The mysteries of Kefalonia

Apart from the majestic sceneries ans the gorgeous beaches, Kefalonia boasts some unusual sights you must visit. 

The lake of Melissani, 2 kilometers outside of Sami, is a marvelous geological phenomenon. Its length reaches 160 meters, its depth 39 meters and the tour takes place on small boats. 

The monastery of Agios Gerasimos is west of Argostoli and it is another sight of both architectural and mystical significance. Within the monastery you can find the elaborate bell tower, the new majestic temple (third in size in Greece) and the enormous Pantokratoras. Inside the old church, there is an entrance to the cave where Agios Gerasimos spent his life. It is a very small opening which allows passage to anyone no matter what their body type is. 

Lastly, the church of the Virgin Mary of Lagouvarda or Virgin of the snakes in Markopoulo, is built on the site where a women’s monastery used to be and every year is host to one of the most mysterious, unexplained phenomena. Legend has it that, when the nuns where threatened by the Turks they started praying to the Virgin Mary for protection and immediately, thousands of snakes appeared surrounding the monastery and frightening the Turks away. Since then, every year from the 6th until the 16th of August, small, completely harmless snakes (the snakes of the Virgin Mary) that have a white cross on their head emerge from within the rocks of the church’s bell tower.