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Activities in Kefalonia

Walks and hikes

Kefalonia is filled with beautiful landscapes and the best way to explore them is through a long walk or an adventurous hike. Discover the unique nature and wildlife of the island, wander around on ancient paths and get to know the rich heritage of the “Beauty of the Ionian” on foot.


Kefalonia is full of picturesque alleys and quiet countryside roads ideal for cycling. Wander around in the lush paths of mount Ainos and end up at one of the many secluded beaches for a refreshing dive.

Horse Riding

Kefalonia is famous for its wild horses found roaming free on mount Ainos. You however can enjoy beautiful rides riding trained horses through the endless olive fields or on one of Kefalonia’s sandy beaches.


Your choices are countless. In many beaches you can enjoy all the watersports and jet skiing. Also, in Kefalonia you can find diving schools for both beginners and advanced learners. Another option is that of sailing and discovering Kefalonia and the surrounding islands. Lastly, it has been said that Kefalonia is the ideal place to go sea kayaking since its coastline is filled with caves rocks and of course crystal clear waters.